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Welcome to the City of Byrnes Mill !
A touch of the past  and a thriving community await you in the City of Byrnes Mill, Missouri. The city of Byrnes Mill grew up around the Mill on the Big River in the 1800's and is now known for its parks and pleasant residential areas.
Four Honored with Community Service Award

Four Byrnes Mill citizens were honored at Wednesday, November 18, 2016 Board of Aldermen meeting with a Community Service Award for their help in reconstructing the fallen wall and columns at the Byrnes Mill Site in Byrnes Mill City Park. The four honored with the Community Service Award – (Pictured on the left below from left to right) Rob Kiczenski, Jim McBroom, Rick Mosley, and John Scheble.

The picture in the center above shows (from left to right) Jim McBroom, Rick Mosley, and Rob Kiczenski working on the column and the wall.

The picture on the right above shows (from left to right) Rob Kiczenski, John Scheble, and Rick Mosley with the completed column.


Comprehensive Plan Update

For the past several months, the City has been working with consulting firm Streiler Planning to update the Comprehensive Plan, a long-range planning and policy document that guides the City in land-use decisions. At the onset of the plan, Streiler Planning identified four major phases in the formulation of the plan:

Final Draft Byrnes Mill Comprehensive Plan

Appendix A - Public Engagement Summary

The first phase consisted of the base mapping, existing conditions analysis, review of existing comprehensive plan, and an organizational Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee meeting. The second phase consisted the public engagement process. There were two public workshops, a citizen survey, and one-on-one interviews. One-on-one interviews were conducted with key stakeholders, including several Alderman, Board, commission and committee members, City staff, and commercial property owners and developers. Citizen Survey results were presented at a workshop on February 17, 2016. Results of the public engagement process will provide the basis for the establishment of the city’s critical issues .

From there, the update process continues into phase three. The consultant will draft comprehensive plan components, vision, goals and objectives. This will serve as the “framework of action” that will guide Byrnes Mill’s decision-makers toward well-informed decisions regarding, business stability & economic development, housing, quality of life, transportation, and future growth.

In addition to attending the workshops, community members are encouraged to review and follow the progress of the plan on the website - which is updated regularly and offer feedback. The final Comprehensive Plan is expected to be completed this winter.

For more information, contact Larry Perney, City Administrator, at 636-677-7727.

City of Byrnes Mill Now Offering Online Bill Pay for Sewer Utility Bills


The City of Byrnes Mill is now offering online bill pay for sewer utility bills. This will be a huge convenience for sewer customers. To sign up click on the link on the City's webpage or browe to:

Click here for "Getting Started" Guide

City of Byrnes Mill's Municipal Codes Now Available Online

The City of Byrnes Mill is now offering Municipal Codes online. This will be a huge convenience for our residents and others interested in our codes. In addition, it will save staff time from having to look up, copy, and mail code requests.


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