Jefferson County

Jefferson County has offered a plethora of information on their website with insight as to services provided by the county as well as information on elected officials and area parks. To visit the website, click HERE.

Additional resources have been included below for your convenience:  

Parks & Recreation
Health & Wellness Classes
Jefferson County Growth Association (JCGA)

Additional County Numbers:

Child Support Division
(636) 797-9840

Child Support Enforcement
(636) 797-5338

Community Action Corp. Head Start
(636) 789-3563

Disability Resource Association
(636) 931-7696

Division of Family Services
(636) 797-9601

Economic Development
(636) 797-5336

Emergency Management
(636) 797-5381

Health Department
Hillsboro - (636) 789-3372
Arnold - (636) 282-1010

Jefferson County Public Works & Highway Department(636) 797-5340

J.C. Transit Program
(636) 937-6454 or (888) 793-9333
Rides available for those with physical and mental disabilities as well as old adults with disabilities.