Mill Drawing by Kathy Koebel

Incorporated as a city in 1986, Byrnes Mill traces its roots back to the 1800s with the building of the Mill on the Big River. The city of Byrnes Mill grew up around the Mill on the Big River. Now home to about 3,000 citizens, Byrnes Mill is known for its parks and pleasant residential areas.

Original Mill
The original mill was replaced in the 1880s by the structure depicted in this drawing by Kathy Koebel on the cover of the Fall, 1988 edition of "Reflections."

Unfortunately the Mill itself is gone but visitors can see the mill site on the Big River in the Byrnes Mill City Park.  Visit our City Park Page HERE.

  1. Proposition Public Safety

    On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Byrnes Mill voters will be asked to consider establishing a 1% sales tax increase dedicated to improve Public Safety within the city. Learn more about how this tax increase will help and what it means for Byrnes Mill residents. Read on...
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    Learn more about the candidates running in the June 2, 2020 Municipal Elections. Read on...
  3. City Hall Lobby Update 5/26/2020

    City Hall will continue to be closed to the public at this time, however the employees are working and ready to assist! Read on...
  4. 5/26/2020 Update - Recycle Center will remain closed

    In an effort to keep both employees and members of the public safe the Recycle Center will continue until further notice to be closed. Read on...
  5. A Message from Jefferson County Health Department Regarding COVID-19

    Considering recent developments with COVID-19 (coronavirus), Jefferson County Health Department is committed to pushing out consistent, accurate information to community members. Read on...
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