Mill Drawing by Kathy Koebel

Incorporated as a city in 1986, Byrnes Mill traces its roots back to the 1800s with the building of the Mill on the Big River. The city of Byrnes Mill grew up around the Mill on the Big River. Now home to about 3,000 citizens, Byrnes Mill is known for its parks and pleasant residential areas.

Original Mill
The original mill was replaced in the 1880s by the structure depicted in this drawing by Kathy Koebel on the cover of the Fall, 1988 edition of "Reflections."

Unfortunately the Mill itself is gone but visitors can see the mill site on the Big River in the Byrnes Mill City Park.  Visit our City Park Page HERE.

  1. Fall Festival 2019

    Join us on Saturday, October 5, for the City's Annual Fall Festival Read on...

    American Eagle has been awarded the contract for single waste hauler in the City which began August 1, 2019. Letters were mailed to residents by American Eagle that explained options and rates available. Read on...
  3. Operation Clean Stream 2019

    On Saturday, August 24, 2019 the Byrnes Mill community participated in one of the country's largest and longest running river restoration project. Read on...
  4. Community Reminder: Don't Forget to Lock Your Car Doors

    A friendly reminder from the Bynres Mills Police Department to remember to lock your car doors at night. Read on...
  5. Recycle Changes

    The Byrnes Mill Recycle Center will collect the following materials only: Cardboard - Paper, Co-mingled Plastic Containers #1-7 -Aluminum -Tin and Steel Read on
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