Police Department


About the Department 

Chief Frank T. Selvaggio oversees a staff of six (6) full-time officers, three (3) part-time officers and two (2) reserve officers, sharing the duties of the department and providing 24/7 police protection to residents and businesses. 

The Byrnes Mill Police Department has implemented three (3) Core Values; Integrity, Professionalism, and Community Collaboration.  The Officers of this department are committed to protecting the citizens of this community through proactive patrol and enforcement efforts.  By remaining visible to the community Officers generate a sense of safety and security to everyone who lives, works, and visits here.  This visibility also reduces criminal activity. The ultimate goal for the Byrnes Mill Police is prevention which will result in a decrease in thefts, drugs and drug arrests. 

Learn about a local Neighborhood Watch Program

Stain ColorDave Stain serves as Chaplain for the Byrnes Mill Police
Department, assisting with CIT programs, Crisis Intervention
Training, call responses as well as counseling and assistance
to all officers within the department.

Courtesy Notices

During regular patrol, officers have noticed several garage doors open along with other potential concerns.  In order to proactively approach crime prevention, you may start seeing Courtesy Notices around Byrnes Mill.  These notices, printed on bright, orange paper are to alert you that an officer noticed a cause for concern.  These notices are placed for (but not limited to):

  • Open garage doors
  • Broken/open window
  • Open door (business/residence)

Also, as a reminder, if you are going to be out of town, consider filling out a Vacation Watch Form.  Available online or at City Hall, the form alerts Byrnes Mill Police to send extra patrol by your residence during your absence. 

Police work hard to ensure the safety of residents so if you see anything suspicious, please reach out to the Department at (636) 677-7727 (office) or (636)797-9999 (non-emergency).

Sample Courtesy Notice

PD Crime Prevention Program Courtesy Notice-1