Building Permits & Process

Building Permits

A Building Permit is required whenever you build or change a structure (i.e. new homes, additions, pools, garages, etc.) within the city. You may want to print the Building Permit Checklist to ensure that you have all you'll need to complete your application packet

Completing the Process 
You will need to submit the following along with your application (print checklist):

  • Two sets of drawings or sealed blueprints from a licensed architect as well as a digital copy (pdf).  Include on drawings: Building construction drawing detailed with material and all specifications including HVAC details, electrical and plumbing specs
  • Copy of warranty deed or deed of trust for property
  • Paid real estate tax receipt from previous year
  • Site diagram of property showing location of work to be done (must be drawn to scale)
  • Soils morphology test required for private septic systems (must be designed by a licensed engineer and drawings sealed along with sealed diagram of drainfield)

Possible Fees

  • Building Permit Fee  
  • Administrative Fee - $25 Residential; $75 Commercial/Industrial
  • Stormwater Fee (if applicable) Minimum fee is $200; cost based on amount of propery being disturbed
  • Road Bond required (if applicable) Minimum bond is $500. This is refundable pending any damage to City of Byrnes Mill streets or roads.

You can also find downloadable documents for building also available HERE