Occupancy Inspections & Permits

Occupancy Inspection
An Occupancy Inspection is required to be completed prior to a home sale and the new owner should present the approved inspection report when applying for an Occupancy Permit.  The purpose of an Occupancy Inspection is to make sure the residence still conforms to current City Codes and Ordinances and should not be confused with a professional home inspection. The City checks for cosmetic issues and does not ensure such inspections for any use as a home warranty. The inspection fee  is $50.00.  An approved inspection report is good for up to 6 months. An Occupancy Permit has to be issued to the new buyer within that time frame or the inspection record becomes invalid and a new inspection would be required before an Occupancy Permit could be issued.  Inspection times are from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday (except Holidays). At the inspection, any deficiencies are noted and the inspector prepares a report that is sent to the property owner. The owner or applicant is responsible to call for any re-inspections required.

CLICK HERE to schedule an Occupancy Inspection or call (636) 677-7727 during normal business hours.

CLICK HERE to view our Residential Occupancy Inspection Guide and Common Occupancy Inspection Issues to help ensure your home conforms to City Code.

Occupancy Permit

An Occupancy Permit is required from the City of Byrnes Mill whenever occupancy is established or changed in a residential structure. This includes all homes, mobile homes, apartments, etc. Applicants must specify whether or not they are the principal leaseholder or owner of the property.  For property sales, the new owner should present the Approval for Residential Form given to them at the time of sale along with the Occupancy Permit application.

[Printable] Occupancy Permit - Residential 

[Printable] Occupancy Permit - Business

You are now able to fill out/submit the Residential Occupancy Permit online!