City Administrator

The City of Byrnes Mill is currently seeking to fill the position of City Administrator. To apply, please send Resume to Applications will be accepted thru September 30, 2022.

Duties [as City Administrator] Include (but not limited to):

The City Administrator shall be the purchasing agent for the City and all purchases amounting to less than on thousand dollars (1,000) shall be made under his/her direction and supervision, and all such purchases shall be made in accordance with purchasing rules and procedures approved by the Board of Alderpersons.

The City Administrator shall be the Budget Officer of the City of Byrnes Mill and shall assemble estimates of the needs and resources of the City for each ensuing year and shall prepare a program of activities within the financial power of the City, embodying it within a budget document with proper supporting schedules and an analysis to be proposed to the Mayor and the Board of Alderpersons for approval.

Financial Reports
The City Administrator shall make quarterly reports to the Mayor and the Board of Alderpersons relative to the financial condition of the City in relation to the budget.

Annual Report
The City Administrator shall prepare and present to the Mayor and the Board of Alderpersons an annual report of the City's affairs, including in such a report a summary of reports of department heads and such other reports as the Mayor and the Board of Alderpersons require.

Personnel System
The City Administrator Shall act as the Personnel Officer of the City and shall recommend an appropriate classification system and pay plan to the Mayor and the Board of Alderpersons. The City Administrator shall after consultation with department heads shall approve of advancements and appropriate pay increases within the approved pay plans and position classification system. The City Administrator shall have the power concerning appointments and removal of all subordinate employees of the City.

Policy Formulation
The City Administrator shall recommend to the Mayor and Board of Alderpersons adoption of such measures as he/she may deem necessary or expedient for the health, safety or welfare of the City of the improvement of administrative services of the City.

Boards and Committees
The City Administrator shall work with all the City boards and committees to help coordinate the work of each.

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  1. Administration

    Physical Address
    141 Osage Executive Circle
    Byrnes Mill, MO 63051

    Mailing Address

    Byrnes, MO 63051

    Phone: 636-677-7727
    Fax: 636-677-5533